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    Place Beyond the Pines Minimal Movie Poster 1,4003,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    Get Motivational posters by Posterelf. Get more premium collection of posters, canvas & Frames from Posterelf online with easy customization option.

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    Uncut Gems minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    This movie is a rollercoaster ride of constant rush beautifully representing the high roller life, it’s highs and lows and the risks involved. A story about the cost involved in the pursuit of quick money…. A must watch from the #safdiebrothers with brilliant performance by #adamsandler ….

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    Mudbound movie minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    Mudbound is a story about two soldiers returning home and their families living in the same place but facing completely different realities as a result of different skin colours…. A beautiful and dark must watch by #deerees with very strong performance by #garretthedlund , #jasonmitchell , #jonathanbanks , #jasonclarke and #careymulligan ….

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    Okja minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    This beautiful film talks about the dark side of capitalism, the processed meat industry, and the show biz around it while portraying a beautiful relationship between a kid and a ‘super pig’…. Beautiful performances of #jakegyllenhaal, #tildaswinton, #pauldano, #seohyeon, and others under Bong results in a must-watch masterpiece….!

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    The Social Network minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    Only David Fincher can make such a generic and boring setting into a very interesting and inspiring movie. It’s by far not a documentary and yet a must watch for people interested in entrepreneurship….

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    Dallas Buyers Club minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    This is a very simple and well executed movie on two serious topics- AIDS and homophobia and big-pharma around it based on true events and backed by brilliant performances by Matthew and Jared…. A straight must watch….

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    The Spy minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    When you have a true story this amazing, all you need to do is execute it right and Gideon did a hell of a job of that. Give this 6 episode beauty a watch if you like realistic spy dramas….

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    Bojack Horseman minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    Bojack Horseman is one of the best things I’ve ever watched. It’s a combination of so much that I can’t even label it with a genre. It’s one of my tiny list of favourites now and the second last episode is my second favourite episode of everything I’ve ever watched…. Thank you Raphael for creating this beauty….

  • -25%Limited
    A Quiet Place minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    A Quiet Place is a breath of fresh air in the over-saturated suspense thriller section. Give it a watch if you are a fan of this genre….

  • -25%Limited
    Oculus minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    It’s a rare blend of horror and psychological thriller that worked great. A must watch for fans of both the genres….

  • -25%Limited
    Narcos minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    Well, Narcos is a very popular series for the right reasons, so you most probably know about it already….

  • -25%Limited
    The Outsider Minimal Poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    If you like Mafia movies and Japan, here’s a Yakuza film for you…. It’s a cold acquired taste by the way….

  • The Revenant Minimal Poter 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    “The Revenant”…. It’s a masterpiece by Alejandro Inarritu and deserves the Academy awards it has own. It’s a story of survival, loss and revenge but it captures a lot more than that and Leonardo DiCaprio gave more than his heart and soul into the character. Tom Hardy gave a great performance as well….

  • -25%Limited
    Yasuga No Sora Minimal poster 1,600 1,200 Sold By: XandreithXs

    “Yasuga No Sora” has been on my watch list for quite some time now. Finally watched it recently. It explores the topics of sexuality and incest without using them as an excuse for perversion or show sex

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