It is time to renovate your space with poster & wallpaper

Typically, when it comes to beautify the wall, most people are used only for whitewashing, painting and spraying of colors on it. Today, however, the construction industry has more flexibility in decorating and embellishing the wall. And wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular due to its variety of designs, colours, longevity, cost savings and many other factors. The biggest advantage of wallpaper is easy to change, you can change it at any time without taking too much time and energy. Wallpaper has many benefits and conveniences for every house. There are many styles of wallpaper that are popular nowadays, such as Korean wallpaper, Japanese wallpaper, American wallpaper, Chinese wallpaper, and many more. But here I emphasize premium custom wallpapers, each has its own uniqueness that is ideal for its users. Here are some of the advantages of wallpaper you need to know more.

See the Before After Comparison of a typical bedroom

It is time to renovate your space with poster & wallpaper 1
It is time to renovate your space with poster & wallpaper 2

Though we all can agree wallpaper is the most important part our day to day decorations and it really adds significant value to the interior but Wall posters are no less. They are also a new trend of decoration and literally adds a real tang to your ambiance.

Stunning, rich and varied wallpapers

Wallpaper has more flexibility than other wall decoration choices, such as painting or tiling. You may pick each beautiful pattern for wallpaper to customize each room in the house. If you happen to have children, you can choose the perfect wallpaper for your child that might be more fun and playful for their living environment; or if you prefer your home to be in a classic style, you can have thousands of classic wallpaper patterns to choose from that suit your dream home space and interior furniture. With the availability of many styles of beautiful wallpaper, you will have many options to decorate your walls. And if you’re economically strong, you can even change your wallpaper constantly according to the latest trends or your preferences.

Close-up of cozy bed with gray bedsheets and beige blanket against white wallpaper with forest motif

# 2 Advanced New Wallpaper Manufacturing Technology


While Major manufactures are currently focused on manufacturing Eco Friendly and sustainable wall murals, you can always consider custom murals as your best option as the murals are made on demand making sure the product is flawless & meets your exact need and requirements. While Korea and Japan are the two most developed countries in the world with the most modern wallpaper technology. With advanced production technology in Korea and Japan, wallpaper from these two countries seems to attract the most consumers due to its consistency, option, style, durability and price. Korea and Japan are also known to be the first to promote human health and safety. The same applies when it comes to personalized eco-friendly wallpaper, quality and non-toxic materials are used to produce wallpapers with designs that are truly creative and attractive.

Young couple choosing wallpapers in hardware store. Male and female customers look at the goods in diy shop

# 3 Easy to Change

Typically wallpapers are easy to change and mess free, and new age modern wallpapers are even changeable within few hours using standard equipment. Important thing to consider is the change over process is completely mess free and can be done without keeping the room or area under maintenance.  lets imaging the process of repainting and the drying time of the paints as well as the fumes and odors after the painting is done. You can avoid such issue with wallpapers as customized wallpapers are completely odor free and voc certified which makes sure you can move in to the house even within few hours of the installation.

Caucasian Men in His 30s Installing Wallpaper Decoration on His Bedroom's Wall. Modern Home Interior Finishing.

# 4 Durability

When it comes to wall paint, you’re going to have to deal with things like yellowing, peeling, or seeping. But there are no such signs for wallpaper. If you use the correct method, maintain the surface of the wall correctly, the wallpaper lifetime can be as high as 8 to 10 years, and if you paint the wall, you will generally have to brush or paint the wall every 3 to 5 years to ensure a good view of the walls.

Interior of living room with stylish wallpaper 3D rendering

# 5 Affordable Price

One of the most important issues people have when it comes to renovating and renovating their homes is the expense. Wallpapers have a lot of price ranges that could fit the needs of the consumer. If you’re looking forward to an inexpensive but practical alternative, wallpaper might be the right choice. Not only is it available at an affordable price, it can also save you a lot of time when it comes to the application. You might even be able to perform the installation yourself if you are able to save labor costs. Whereas, if you choose to paint your home, apart from the cost of painting and supplies, you will have to hire professional staff to do so in order to avoid illegal work being done by yourself. Not to mention the risk of staining on the floor and furniture during the painting process.


Additional Notes – Use wallpaper effectively and for a longer period of time

  • The surface of the wall must be treated well and smooth, painted with an anti-mildew primer.
  • With new plaster walls, it is possible to use ready-made paper (decals-adhesive paper) to overcome the brittle condition of the wall. If you want to adjust, you can peel it off easily without affecting the smoothness of the wall.
  • For walled paper, it is important to peel off all old paper and wash off the old glue.
  • When spraying paint, care should be taken when using glue, avoiding leaving a paste when peeling off the paper.
  • To handle the gaps and cracks in the wall, enlarge the cracks and fill them for mortar or insert a cardboard cover, wait for the paper to dry.
  • With small paper size, if you buy self-adhesive stickers, remember the edges of the paper so that the pattern matches each other. Paste each sheet and wait 5 to 10 minutes to dry.

That our take on Wallpapers, We would love to hear from you if you need any information related to wallpaper and poster.

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